Expert Witness Services

Drugs, alcohol, or mental illness can cause us to do things we may not be proud of. Honesty and taking the utmost responsibility for our actions is the quickest path to cleaning up difficulties caused by our past behavior.

Here's what to expect if you retain Kelly as an Expert Witness:

  • Kelly will always strive to develop the most accurate, unbiased assessment and recommendations possible for every client.
  • It is understood that no specific opinion or finding is in any way assured or guaranteed. In fact, clients may not like or agree with assessment results or recommendations.
  • Kelly believes his honest and professional findings as an Expert Witness always serve the best interests of those he evaluates, by contributing to their long-term well-being as well as that of their family members.


Kelly began his career working with people with substance misuse in July 1995 when he entered the U.S. Navy’s Drug and Alcohol Counselor School. After completing the school, he spent three years as a Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor in Bremerton, WA. He retired from the Navy, and moved to Anchorage, AK.

In Alaska, after six months as a Drug/Alcohol Counselor for The Salvation Army Clitheroe Center, Kelly began pursuing a degree in Social Work. He gained further experience working with mental health and addiction issues while interning at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and the VA Behavioral Health and Social Services Clinic.

Upon completion of his Master of Social Work degree, Kelly again worked at The Salvation Army Clitheroe Center for 12 months completing assessments for people with a mental illness and substance misuse disorder.

His next position was at the VA Domiciliary working with veterans with mental illness and substance misuse disorder. He left there after 14 months to return to active duty.

Upon completion of his active duty, Kelly worked at Providence Breakthrough for 16 months as a Mental Health Clinician working with people with substance misuse and mental health disorders.

In January 2012, Kelly opened his private practice, providing Psychotherapeutic services, Substance Abuse Professional Evaluations, and Expert Witness services for individuals with substance misuse and mental health disorders.


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